About Me

I am a woman with 4 grown sons. I have 2 grandsons and just recently welcomed my 2nd granddaughter. My age makes no never mind as I believe age is a state of mind and not a number or a date on a calendar.
I was widowed more than 13 years ago. I since remarried 7 years ago.That marriage is now going through a divorce.
I have 1 cockatiel, Ayjah Mae. I am 'the people" to 1 dog Baxter.
I absolutely thoroughly enjoy taking pictures and I have tons of them.

I have been blogging now for 6 years. I enjoy reading others blogs as well and have a few I never miss.
I do wood working as a hobby and love it. I mostly do what is called intarsia. An art of cutting out pieces of different species of wood that you place together for a picture.

My grandson Jeremiah and I

I live a quiet life way up in the mountains of northeastern Ca. I was raised in La Mirada, Ca. but needed to get away from city life.
I am a good friend and I have some really excellent awesome friends.

I am rich in that way.
True friends and trust are a must for me. I do not deal well with bullshit or games in anyway.
I am simple and enjoy living simple.
I am a fellow blogger and I hope you will come around every once in awhile and say Hi!

 Thanks for stopping by!

Why Not?

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Thanks guys! Do I hear 55?