Tuesday, November 10, 2009

President O

Here is some of the change promised by President  O.

I don't care what political party you belong to but I ask can you imagine Barbara or Laura Bush ever appearing in public dressed this Way.

Ya'll wanted CHANGE....  Well here it is....


  1. You've done your best work here my dear. I wish I had seen first. I have a couple of links pointing this way. Where the hell did you find this?

  2. THis is hilarious....but I bet pimps and ho's will be mad these two scums are making them look bad!

  3. Tricks with a computer should not be used to defame the president. This so called joke is in very bad taste.

  4. Oh A, you pissed off I.J.SWAMY ... do it again !!!! He calls them tricks with the computer ... I think it's really them posing. People at my blog love your post.

  5. Love it! Keep it up


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