Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wanted for attempted murder

WANTED FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER (actual AP headline) Linda Burnett, 23, a resident of San Diego, was visiting her inlaws, and while there, she went to a nearby supermarket to pick up some groceries.

Several people noticed her sitting in her car with the windows rolled up and with her eyes closed, with both hands behind the back of her head. One customer who had been at the store for a while became concerned and walked over to the car.

He noticed that Linda's eyes were now open, and she looked very strange. He asked her if she was okay, and Linda replied that she'd been shot in the back of the head, and had been holding her brains in for over an hour.

The man called the paramedics, who broke into the car because the doors were locked and Linda refused to remove her hands from her head. When they finally got in, they found that Linda had a wad of bread dough on the back of her head.

A Pillsbury biscuit canister had exploded from the heat, making a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot, and the wad of dough hit her in the back of her head. When she reached back to find out what it was, she felt the dough and thought it was her brains. She initially passed out, but quickly recovered and tried to hold her brains in for over an hour until someone noticed and came to her aid. And, yes, Linda is a blonde.

Note from me; Allison
Just yesterday I was watching a show on T.V. called Fact or Fiction, Myth Busters, or one of those shows when they showed almost an identical story. (The only thing different was the lady was supposedly driving home from the store on a hot day with her windows rolled down. She thought that she was shot when she heard a loud "pop." She drove until she saw some construction workers, holding her head she ran up to them.)
According to this show yesterday this has been a myth that has been going around since the 70's. How funny today I would receive this joke from a friend!

Moral of this story? It is untrue according to the show!

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  1. Wouldn't the world be a boring place without blonds.


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