Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Added a Twitter account

I have been using Twitter for years now and have always enjoyed it. However I have always had it linked with my woodworking. And I am glad I did, I have "nevermet" some of the greatest people through twitter and what I have learned about woodworking and links to great sites, etc. has been more than awesome, but I have pondered making a Twitter account not about the woodworking and just simply be Plain Allison.  

And that's just what I did, so I am looking for those to follow and followers and you can find me at @PlainAllison
Hope to see you around!


I would just love to hear whatcha think? good or bad. And as usual if you have a joke or something funny you would like me to post here I would love to do so. Just let me know if you would like me to link back to you or if I can use your name. All links are welcomed.

Why Not?

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Thanks guys! Do I hear 55?