Monday, December 5, 2011

Comedy group video


  1. Where the hell have you been? Were out cavorting around? In my day ... it was three cord songs ... "E" progression.

    Go to Blogger layout and widen things a bit. And don't use Google Chrome to post. You would think it would be the best, but it's the worst with Blogger.

  2. I don't even use Chrome. I normally make these adjustments with video right at You Tube, but for some reason this one is different. Perhaps because it is foreign? You know how much I HATE this new blogger thing. I could fly through posts on the old one. I think that's one of the reasons I kind of lost interest. I hate having to take 25 minutes to post something I could have posted in 2 minutes with the old one.
    But thanks for reminding me to go widen things a bit. It looks rather thin here in my Safari browser.And you don't really want to know where I have been. Let's just say (SOME) renters just plum don't give a shit!

  3. Okee Dokee, I fattened things up a bit!

  4. You're right, British videos do have different widths. I fits now. Once you get used to the new you'll be posting in two minutes like me.


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