Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Houses with personality

Its amazing how things change when you put a face to it. I would like to thank Sandy for this post. I Love it!

Photograph by Steve Reed on Flickr

Photograph by Rami Taibah

I have far too many pictures on this post so I have to do a second page. Sorry!

Photograph by Dave G Kelly on Flickr

Photograph by eneko123 on Flickr

Photograph by on Flickr

Photograph by pablo_psz on Flickr

Photograph by sean94110 on Flickr

Photograph via Buzzfeed

Photograph by Jim Plumb on Flickr

Photograph via Buzzfeed

Photograph via Buzzfeed
The last one (or the 4th one) on the front page isa my favorite. How about you?


  1. Makes you think twice before you design your house.

  2. Great catches. I love these photos.


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