Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Saying goodbye

To my readers it is obvious that I have not posted in awhile. I believe an explanation is in order. It's personal yet I feel I need to say this. My ex has taken it upon himself to become a  cyberstalker, and he has been  harrassing me thru texts and phone calls. I had finally had enough of his rants and irrational behavior and blocked his phone numbers from mine.

But he found a way of getting past that. So I was forced to change my phone number. Something I just can't believe I have had to do. I have not even begun to let my family and friends know my new number. It is all so overwhelming and I can't believe I have found myself in such a place  in my life. 

But this phone number changing is not and was not enough because now he won't stop e-mailing me, which brings me to this post.

He has taken all the fun out of the internet and these blogs for me. It's been a long time since I found joy in these simple things.
But I need to keep my sanity and the only way to do so is to delete my google accounts which means I have to delete my blogs.

So to you that have been by my side these last 6 years next month I say thank you. And I will still be around reading your blogs, leaving comments, etc. It just won't be under my real name and that I am so sorry for. 
Again I thank you all for reading my blogs and to those who sent me the jokes. I can't thank you enough
And don't forget to be kind to people, you really do get so much more by using honey instead of vinegar
and of course the most important thing of all? Don't forget to do it with "A Daily Laugh"


  1. Oh Damn ... You love this so much I hate seeing you give it up. I'm sure the dust will settle one day and you'll be back. Hurry back in cyber-disguise and you know what to tell the EX for me.

  2. This is sad... This is one of my favorite blogs and it has got me through many tough time and boring days at work. I'll really miss you and the jokes.

  3. How absolutely AWFUL!!! I am sorry there are such JERKS in the world... take care of yourself, Allison... and remember, the best revenge is to live a happy and successful life!!!


  4. S**t only happens to good people.
    Let us know when you're back. Any time. Anywhere.
    Thanks for the Daily Laugh...!
    Take care Allison.

  5. Wow. People these days seize to surprise me.

  6. This is a nice site-sorry to hear about your ex being so possessive-take care.taxineil


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